We are going to do

Mind & Soul Detox for stress relief. Bringing mind-body & soul in alignment, creating balance & peace through healing meditation, exercises and more activities with Galia & Martina.

 'Get clarity' 

 unveiling the core solution to life's challenges through 

self-awareness, mastering yourself and your 

inner world.

With Martina Kruli

Clarity & Alignment Coach

'The Power of Self-love' 

Learn and adopt the foundational 7 pillars, which will help you to build healthier and happier life. 

With Galia Yakimova

Life Coach 

Inner Healing & Self-Love

Will equip you with practical steps, tips and wisdom how to  improve your emotional, spiritual and physical health. Will get clarity, create healthy habits, and going back home to be able to implement in your day to day life. 

Yes, I am in!

Who is this retreat for?

Women who ......

·             Are ready to break the routines and carve a new path.

·        Want to relax, refresh, recharge and balance.

·        To create healthy boundaries and learn self-love.

·        To re-connect with their inner-self.

·        To live life in abundance.

·        To pamper themselves and have fun.

·        To love and be loved again for who they are.

‘What if there was an extraordinary life within your reach, just waiting for you to claim it? One where every day is an adventure full of joy, passion, and fulfilment you can’t wait to begin?’ Tony Robbi

Ladies, we welcome you on board to this amazing experience we have created for you – to join us on a transformative journey.Come with us to Turkey. 

To this enchanting boutique Hotel & Spa complex in picturesque Dalaman district. Here, amidst the breathtaking landscapes, you will have the chance to not only pamper yourself but also to rekindle self-love, healing and personal growth.

The Hotel, also called by its clients – „A Heaven on Earth“ is situated in a beautiful, mountainous coastal paradise. Think private beaches, a marina adorned with yachts, a sprawling  50-meter seawater pool, various dining experiences, and an exquisite Spa – a true haven for rejuvenation. And just a leisurely stroll away, a charming boutique village awaits with its delightful shops.

We are here to help you reawaken your inner power.

Because you are truly amazing, loveable and worthy woman and we want to show you how to claim and own this power for yourself! It’s time YOU OWN THIS TRUTH!

Prices are based on ultra-all-inclusive. The main restaurant is offering huge choice of an amazing food. All day long drinks are free around the pool and restaurant.

 Included half day boat cruise with bubble’s and sweets on board.

 Private sandy beach with а free water-taxi transport.

 Daily meditation with healing and uplifting energy levels

 Games

 Quality time spent together, fun and Spa treatments 

This is not just an event, this is s a TURNING POINT. 

A pivot from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

 Are you ready to embrace your unstoppable self?

 To reignite your spark?

 Reconnect with yourself, your soul and your purpose, and start living the life you desire?

One small note! 50% deposit secures your spot and don’t forget your personal travel insurance.

·        Flights are not included, but they are very affordable.

·        Easy Jet; flies to Dalaman airport. From there to the Hotel we organise the transfer.

Join us - and together we can create this special experience and have fun.

And Remember: If it is not Now, Then When?!

Don’t let past events and old beliefs stop you! 

Stop waiting for tomorrow - We only have today!


And .....BONUS TIME 

 30 minutes’ online session with Paula James, a movement specialist, USA

 Q&A with Dr. Jonathan Brooks, UK– Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, 37 years NHS practice in UK, 20 years in Private Practice, Portland Hospital, London



Galia Yakimova, Life Coach


Galia specializes in Inner Healing and Self-Love. She is a holistic therapist with 15 years of experience in the Spa and wellness field. 

She created the program 'How to Love Myself', helping women who suffer rejection, false beliefs and loss of identity to heal their inner wounds, learn self-love to gain their freedom and confidence, to stand up and create healthy lives for themselves and their loved ones.

Martina Kruli, Clarity Coach, London, UK 

‘Getting clarity’ by MartinaK  Clarity & Alignment Coach – unveiling the core solution to life’s challenges through self-awareness, mastering yourself and the inner world.

'I, was looking for love elsewhere instead of looking inside first. It only left me broke, miserable and lonely in a foreign country. Today I am blessed to teach fulfilling formula and I am here to guide you on your journey to joy, love and abundance.'

Paula James, Movement Specialist, Colorado, USA 

Protect Your Greatest Asset, YOU! 

Solutions to help you be pain-free by moving better. Small adjustments to your workspace and posture can make big differences in your productivity, creativity and quality of life. ​