Luxury Retreat in Turkey

From 27 till 31 October 2023 


5 days, 4 nights, ultra-all-inclusive

  Are you that incredible caring individual who always puts others first?

  Do you feel guilty for things you have not done, or you could managed better?  

  You might feel stressed, insignificant and on the verge of burn out.

Or that your life is slipping through your fingers?

What if I tell you, there is another way? 

Beautiful Ladies from all walks of life, join us on a transformative journey.

Do Something Different, Holistic and Joyful. 

 Something for your mind-body-soul, to come back in alignment.   

Get clarity, master yourself and your inner world.

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   Healing is a process.

   How to Make it Happen?

      Simply following 5R steps process.

       First - Recognise the issue   Second - Reconnect  

 Third - Restore     Forth - Rebuild    

Fifth - Rise Up

Uniquely tailored programs for your best results.

  I can help you on your journey of healing, restoration and self-love. 

Will start from the place you are right now and go to the place you want to be. 


Put Yourself First! Let's go on this journey together.

So, You Can Live Life To The Fullest.

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''Your Journey Towards Healing & Completion Starts Today!" 

Welcome to Well-Being Society Universal! 

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My name is Galia Yakimova 

I help women, who have enough nonsense in their lives and are ready for shift. To become N:1 priority in their list. To let go the past, discover who they really are & fall in love with themselves. To heal their emotional wounds; gain their freedom, feel significant, healthy and happy again. And live life in fullest. 

And this became my mission! 

And I invite you to join me, helping and supporting each other, using our gifts and talents to make this world a better and happier place for ourselves, families and our children.


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15 Years
in the SPA/Holistic Field
4 Years
Life Coaching
3 Years
300 Coaching hours

Why I am doing this?

I am here to Inspire You, Equip You, Walk with You and Support You on Your Journey Towards Completion.

We know that our health is our wealth, and the  importance of frequent Detox of our Mind, Body & Soul. That this is the key to harmony, longevity and success. 

Once we discover our identity; gifts and talents; put ourselves first in the list; heal our emotional wounds and free ourselves from the burdens of the past; only then we can lay down the foundations for a healthy life. So, we can live our lives in fullest. 

Today, I Invite you to join me to make this journey of healing & completion happen.

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Оur Programmes

 Do you know your gifts and talents? 
   Do you live your life with purpose in fullness?
    Or you feel something is missing and stopping you to reach your full potential?

   If the answer is "YES", I invite you to work with me.

   I can't wait to see you as a part of our Well-Being Community!

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Our Retreats

Join us in a beautiful resort,

on the seaside, private beaches, yachts, Spa, boutique & quiet complex, amazing food and great activities to relax, restore, learn, re-connect & re-build your inner word. 

We promise you that you will love it and go back home rejuvenated and with a new vision about your lives.

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