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The last few years people became more aware that our Health is our New Wealth. To be healthy with alternative therapies has been in my heart for many years, and 20 years ago, this became my business and my mission in life. 

I love helping people and to see how they become stress free, healthier and more productive. This brings me great happiness and satisfaction. And this is why I spent 15 years in the Holistic & Spa field in London. I knew from my practice the importance and the power of the holistic, aromatherapy, reflexology and pregnancy massages. With these body therapies pain and discomfort are released, stress is gone. Clients become relaxed and balanced - ready to face their daily duties.

Fifteen years of hard work brought to me and my company the recognition I have never imagine.  We received a major award from Luxury Spa Awards: Fitness – Spa, UK, N:1, in the category “Best Services" 

Working with thousands women over the years, I have realised that if I include work on the emotional & spiritual levels as well, the results will be greater.

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                What makes us different?

After 15 years in the Spa & Holistic field I was trained in life coaching and inner healing. The last 5 years I also discovered the power of homeofoods, which bring our body to homeostasis. I became a consultant of Healthy Living, and this complete my mission of healing & restoration on emotional, spiritual and physical levels. 

In the past 10 years I have invested in my personal development and growth. This is an ongoing process, which helps us to shape and reshape, heal, grow, and be healthy.

During this time I created my Program "The Power of Self-Love".

And I became a client myself, starting with Mind-Body-Soul Detox. In healing the emotional wounds from the past, I learnt how to handle my emotions, gaining freedom and confidence. I learnt who I am and how to love myself. I rediscovered my gifts, talents and my life mission. I became fit in body and firm in mind. And I had my voice to share with you my knowledge, experience and expertise. So, I am able to help you on your journey of self-discovery and growth.

If my words resonate with you, I invite you to join me. Let us together create your desirable life.

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  Our workshops

 Together Creating Your
     Healthy Lifestyle 

Impact #1


 During our online workshops on the subject you choose you are going to gain more knowledge from the professionals in each field. 

Our workshops are interactive with a proven, valuable outcome.   

Impact #2


The real value comes with practice. This is why it is very important  to provide this time for you to be able to practise what you learn, to achieve the real results.  

Impact #3


You are going to experience:

1. Reconnecting with your inner-self
2. Gaining better understanding of your emotions
3. Healing the inner wounds. let go the past events, none forgiveness and resentment. Cut off the emotional strings attached
4. Creating a new, healthy patterns of thinking and cognition

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Inner Healing 

We are following a 5 steps program: Recognise (Analyse), Re-Connect, Restore, Re-Build, Rejuvenate.

Together we go deep into the roots of the problem, helping you gently, healing to take a place in a safe environment.

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Mind-Body-Soul Detox

For the last 3 years we were forced to go on surviving instead of thriving mood. We all were there, feeling out of control to stop that happening. But when seems do not be way, our Creator shows us that there is always way out. Because we have the ability to create, the power to take healthy decisions, to stand up and make the changes. 

WHO is this workshop for? For every woman, feeling stressed, overwhelmed, depressed, too much in control, mental pollution, feeling the needs of deep spring detox. For those who feel it is a time for change.  

So, Amazing Ladies, Let's Together Wake Up, Stand Up, Shake Up and Create Our New & Healthy Lives! 



The Power of Self- Love 

During this workshop we are going to work on your identity, finding your gifts and talents, learning s elf-love/self-respect, creating healthy boundaries. 

Gaining your freedom, enabling you to stand up and your voice be heard.  

Then, you can live your life with purpose and in fullness. 

Today, I invite you to join us to make this journey towards wholeness.

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