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 Mind-Body-Soul Detox Online Workshop (Valued at $167/£133)

 Self-Learning Program How To Love Myself (Valued At $120/£97) by Galia Yakimova

 Gift Voucher 0f - $63/£50 to Redeem against 1 on 1 or Group Coaching by Galia Yakimova

 E-Book How to Love Myself -$9.99/£8 by Galia Yakimova

  The Body Scan Meditation (Valued $50/£40) by Christie Szpyrka

  50 min pre-recorded workout (Valued $50/£40) by Samantha - Buchii Fitness

 TOTAL VALUE: $459.99

TODAY FOR ONLY $459.99 $97!

Why should I join this 3 hours Online workshop?

What I am going to learn? 

1. How to Detox & Bring in alignment mind-body & soul, creating balance & peace.

2. How to naturally Detox your Body without any diets & restrictions and be healthy. Also tips what to do to get rid of your physical pain.

3. Getting into dance mood to reduce the stress, release dopamine and endorphins and have a fun.

4. Also we will give you practical steps to follow to improve your lifestyle.

Why this is good for me? 

OK, Let me ask you: 

1. How long have been experiencing pain in your body? And what is the cost of treating this pain?

2. For how long your energy levels have been down and you are not productive as you want to be? 

3. What are the results of eating unhealthy food? 

4. And how do you feel seating in front of the computer for 10 or more hours, with lack of exercises and disconnected from the nature? 

5. What is the cost of listening the daily news and the complaints from none happy people around you?

6. Look at the answers and be honest to yourself. 

I am going to ask you for a moment to forget what you know, lose the control and let's go for the experience, which can help you to feel balanced and loved, happy and whole again.

* And you don’t need to climb the mountains or go to retreat, flying miles away and paying crazy money. 

* You don’t need to travel, we are coming to you, virtually. 

* And just in 3 interactive hours you will have an experience, to make you feel good, re-charged, in balance, de-stressed, and ready to go back to life with knowledge and tools to re-create your life.

Are you In? 

Come on board! Let’s us together create this special experience and have fun.

And Remember: If it is not Now? Then When?

Don’t let the past events and old beliefs stop you! And the procrastination distracts you!

Join Us Now!

Date & Time
Sunday May 21, 2023
16:00 19:00 (Europe/London)


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