''Your Journey Towards Healing & Self-Love Starts Today!" 

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I can help you on your journey of:

self-discovery, acceptance, healing, restoration and self-love. 
To get your confidence, embrace your power and 
gain your emotional, spiritual and financial freedom.
To Put Yourself First on Your Priority List. 
So, You Can Love Your Life & Live To The Fullest! 

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Galia is an entrepreneur with over two decades of outstanding work and recognition in the Holistic & Spa field in the UK. Her Company received award from Luxury Spa Awards, in category "Best Services" Fitness-Spa UK N:1. 

Trained as a holistic therapist, life coach and healing meditation, Galia helps women to heal that emotional wounds; reconnect with inner self; embrace self-love and live their lives to the fullest with purpose. Creating a well-being society worldwide is her mission.

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15 Years
in the SPA/Holistic Field
5 Years
Life Coaching
4 Years
300 Coaching hours

Why I am doing this?

My name is Galia Yakimova 

I am here to Inspire You, Equip You, Walk with You and Support You on Your Journey Towards Healing & Self-Love.

We know that our health is our wealth, and the  importance  of frequent Detox on Mind, Body & Soul. That this is the key to harmony, longevity and success. 

Once we discover our identity; gifts and talents; put ourselves first in the list; heal our emotional wounds and free ourselves from the burdens of the past; only then we can lay down the foundations for a healthy life. So, we can live our lives in fullest. 

Today, I Invite you, together, to make this journey of healing & self-love reality.

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Оur Programmes

Are uniquely tailored for your needs.

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Take place in amazing Hotels & Spa, Villas

by the seaside with private beaches, mountains. 

With amazing food and great activities to relax, restore, learn, re-connect & re-build your inner word. 

You will love it. And will go back home rejuvenated with a new vision for your life.

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